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Power Through Preconception, Pregnancy and Beyond

Fortify your preconception, prenatal, and general health by embracing vitality with Iron and Brain Support.

Managing iron levels can be a real concern, especially if you're following a vegan diet, preparing for pregnancy, or dealing with heavy periods. It's frustrating when you want to ensure optimal health but are faced with the challenge of finding a supplement that's effective and doesn't cause unpleasant side effects like stomach discomfort, right?

  • Support your preconception health and set the stage for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Fuel your day with sustained energy levels for all of life's demands.
  • Nurture healthy fetal development with important brain support.


"I've been on iron tablets from the Doctor but have been unable to stomach them. NaturoBest Iron & Brain support are great, I've managed to take my pill every day without nausea or an upset stomach. I will definitely continue with these."

Danielle, NZ

Feeling more alert

"In my 3rd trimester and these were recommended by my midwife as I was feeling tired. I've noticed I can complete more tasks throughout the day and have the energy to keep up a bit more with my toddler. Just ordered second pack!"

H, Melbourne AU

Fast delivery and great quality product

"Choose to buy NaturoBest from many recommendations and am happy with the decision. The addition of Choline sealed the deal (According to researchers, maternal choline intake is particularly important during your third trimester and when you start breastfeeding)"

N, Sydney AU

Hands down best iron supplement.

"I have always had trouble maintaining my iron levels especially through pregnancy.
I ran out of the NaturoBest ones and tried another brand. My iron levels dropped by half in 4 weeks.
I have now gone back to NaturoBest and my levels have returned to where they were previously. I get no horrible side effects like I have in the past with other forms of iron. 100% recommend not just for pregnancy but for anyone who has trouble maintaining iron levels. "

- Catherine, AU

Struggling with maintaining healthy iron levels can be quite a challenge, and it’s especially important if you’re planning to conceive, currently pregnant, or postpartum. It can be tricky to find an iron supplement that's effective yet gentle on your stomach and fits into your lifestyle.

That's precisely why we created Iron & Brain Support. Our unique formula, featuring iron bisglycinate, is designed for optimal absorption while being gentle on your digestive system.

Plus, it's enhanced with vitamin C, B12, folate, and choline to support your overall health, including brain function.

We're proud to bring you our 5 star rated iron formula that's loved and trusted by families across the globe.

Iron & Brain Support

Imagine feeling energised, your mind clear and focused, all while knowing you're nurturing your body in the gentlest way possible. No more worrying about digestive issues or iron deficiencies. With Iron & Brain Support, you're taking a step towards a healthier, more vibrant you, ready for whatever life throws your way.

You deserve to feel your best every day, without compromise. Isn't it time to support your health in a way that feels right for you?

Our Iron & Brain Support features a gentle form of iron and is enhanced with vitamins and nutrients, so it’s a well-rounded supplement that supports your overall health, not just your iron levels.

Here’s why you’ll love this formula:

  • Iron bisglycinate, easy on the stomach and highly absorbable.
  • Vitamin C, to aid iron absorption.
  • Choline, supports healthy brain function.
  • Vitamin B12 and folate for extra support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to work?

This will depend on your iron levels. If you’re already deficient, it can take a few months of consistent use to build them up to a healthy level. If your iron is low, but not deficient or anaemic, you should start feeling more energy within a few weeks.

Can I take different products at the same time?

Yes! We commonly get asked if you can take this formulation alongside our preconception multi’s. Yes – you can, but only if your practitioner has recommended you need extra iron based on your blood test results.

If you are pregnant, we recommend you do not take this formula after week 6 in your first trimester, as iron is known to aggravate morning sickness. If you are in your second or third trimesters, you might like to take this formula alongside our Prenatal Trimester 2 & 3 Plus Breastfeeding for an iron and choline boost. Please consult your health practitioner for tailored advice.

What happens if I miss a day?

Its okay to miss a day, just continue taking as directed the next day!

What happens if I run out and miss a few days?

If you run out, you can order more here! Focus on iron-rich foods, like red meat and legumes while you wait for your next order to arrive.

Is this free from allergens?

This formula is vegan-friendly, free from animal products, dairy, egg, fish/shellfish, gluten, lactose, msg, nuts, oats and other grain derived ingredients, peanuts, sulphites, sucralose, wheat, yeast, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, titanium dioxide and other artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives.  Our Iron & Brain Support is also GMO-free and free from many other allergens.

Can I take this while pregnant?

If you're trying to conceive, we recommend boosting your iron stores prior to conception so you don't need to take any in the first trimester when taking iron can aggravate the symptoms of morning sickness.

If you are in your second or third trimester, you can take Iron & Brain Support alongside our Prenatal Trimester 2 & 3 Plus Breastfeeding for an extra iron boost if recommended by your practitioner.

When should I take this?

We recommend taking this formula in the mornings with your breakfast, some people find it can cause stomach discomfort on an empty stomach.

Some of the capsules in my blister pack are discolored. Is this normal?

Because we avoid fillers and excipients that may be considered toxic by some people, our products are very sensitive to heat, humidity and exposure.  

Although this may cause some discoloration, it is no cause for concern. We have run extensive testing on discolored capsules and found the levels of active ingredients unaffected (they are just as effective) and microbial testing is normal.

Please ensure you store your Iron & Brain Support in the fridge in summer.

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